An Underdark adventure for my party

So I’m having my party go into the underdark on wednesday. Any advice on how to run the adventure? Or any creatures I should try to include?

i’m sorry, but what the FRICK is the underdark?

dark, subterranean d&d setting. It has a lot of interesting creatures and monsters

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not sure how to run it, but I’ve heard ropers are a fun monster to use. If you want cool underdark npc’s, look into myconids. Good luck fellow dm :sunglasses:

thanks for the ideas.

basically subterranean world ruled by three major factions. the duergar (evil dwarves), mindflayers, and the drow (dark elves). If you don’t count the gith that is.
It is one of the most hostile settings in any D&D campaign and is also home to gargantuan worms that bury through the ground hunting everything and anything. It also is home to some passive creatures like xorn, flumphs, and giant fire beetles.

If you don’t like spiders don’t go into the underdark.