Ancient Cursed Daggers

Did anyone ever manage to figure out what the runes on the ancient cursed daggers said? I feel like it’s greek, but I’ve only been able to find one of the symbols…

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its probably just jibberish

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one of the symbols kinda looks like a squid

its not on the catalog item

it reads “Midinput cringe”


it seems to read as:

welcome to the arena. i am the boss

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It isn’t Greek, one of the letters on the daggers ‘Mu’ is a letter in Greek, but none of the other runes seem to be of Greek, so it’s probably another language.

These are actually Anglo-Saxon Viking runes. What they mean is this:

1) Mannaz - Humanity, Culture, Awareness, Society, Family

2) Fehu - Wealth, New Beginnings, Luck, Prosperity

3) Ingwaz - Creation, Harmony, Masculinity, Fertility

4) Ehwaz - Trust, Teamwork, Love, Partnership, Motion

5) Yr - Wickedness, Anger, Lie, Falsehood

Each rune has a symbol which would translate to Man, Wealth, Ing(Fertility God), Horse, and Bow


bow as in forst water bow?

Just as in a regular bow with arrows


Ok so the first list is what the entire sentence could be translated to, and the second list is the translation of each individual rune on their own?