💩 and society

Why is it that when I take a shit in a toilet it is okay and acceptable, but when I take a shit on a baby It’s suddenly this crime and society looks down upon me for? I don’t get it they’re both the same thing, a toilet ejects water and poo and so does a baby, so why is it not socially acceptable if I shit on a baby?


answer my question

because, idk, a toilet is better than a baby ??? how am i-

If a toilet is more useful than a baby then surely it’s fine to use a baby???

because society is shit :ez:

can’t go shitting on babies anymore because society

It’s ok I’ll use a toddler instead

not as good as shitting on babies

Babies are meh fetuses are where its at

we live in a society

agree +100

fetuses are much, MUCH more proficient shitting upon

But wait if shitting on fetuses is fine then surely it’s perfectly fine to steal a pregnant womans fetus!

never thought of that before.
this is truly enlightening

my brine herts hlepl

we live in a society-

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Is this a fetish?


It’s efficiency and saving money