Animal NPCs

There should be animals that we can hunt and cook and there should be predators that attack you. I am suggesting this idea because it is boring going around islands unless your doing a bounty.


Yeah, however this kinda could piss off new players since it will make it more difficult. But, I would enjoy watching a Bear maul some random person because they thought it was a new NPC.

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I agree, 1+ point if we could pet them. I will be tremendously happy

Naw we need a dog npc to give pats too as well. I wanna gib the good bois belly rubs.

mfw the dog walks into the 400 damage magma blast

cat NPC can teach players “feline style” with a cost of 300 galleons and a strength requirement of 150

the quest is collecting fish from castaways (you need to get 3)

The fighting style revolves around high mobility attacks with little endlag and decent damage, but it comes at a cost of more energy consumption than usual.

why, instead of it being a whole new fighting style, you unlock a cat embodiment that has custom effects (instead of effecting damage, speed, size, itll be -endlag +energy cost)
would be cool to see unlockable shapes/embodiments do something more unique apart from changing main stats (size, dmg, spd, etc)