I am planning to start animating stuff in roblox studio. How would I get stuff like armor, weapons, and magic effects in roblox studio? Would I have to make everything?

Create a part and then everything starts from there :]

Ok for actual stuff, look into the catalogue, find the item ID. Then from there use that item ID to import the accessory or mesh into roblox using a plugin. Then you can parent this to the character so it’ll stay with them or you can weld (M6D) it in order to animate it. This can be the same for weapons if you find them on the catalogue.

As for effects you can find some in the toolbox just by searching up VFX packs and what not, but feel free to mess around the with the ones you do find in there.

(Lemme know if you need a more detailed explaination)

For vfx, use these as textures.