Another character name

Alright forums, go awooga once more.


They did it twice before, may as well go in for round three, man.

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You smell that, I smell

H e a d c a n o n F a n A r t

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Don’t we all?

more like SHURAP


shurap when said fast sounds like shut up

That’s what I thought it was.

Where’s bnt with the concept art


R34 when

Not gonna mention people anymore

eternal you have issues

these are peak horny moments

srtolertus is rolling and sweating heavily in his bed right now

I will comment “R34 when” on every single character that will exist here

I guess I can’t stop you

I wish we could


I’m still waiting for Morden and yall be asking me to draw this shura shura lad :frcryin: