Answering a ton of questions i've seen in the discord

I understand.

Not everyone reads the trello or the forum or has played AA, 90% of the people who play this game are casuals who don’t follow the games development.

That’s fine, not everyone has to be hardcore. I get that people have lives and do other things and it’s ok for them to ask questions about the game, but some questions that come from these people are just flat out dumb


Now you may be asking; “What is the point of this post? The FAQ exists for a reason”, and that is true. But so few people read it and they come up with new questions that aren’t even up there.

People who ask these questions either get ignored or insulted, so i’m going to answer as many dumb questions as I can that i’ve seen in the discord that haven’t already been answered by the faq. (and some that have).

Here we go.

How do I increase my level/crown cap?

You can’t, that is something manually done by vetex in roblox studio

There is literally a max level notification when you hit max and it explicitly says “you cannot level up anymore” not “do this to increase your cap”. And if you’re going to ask how to use the bank, you can’t (at least not at the time of writing this). Bank functionality is planned to be a thing in the future.

What is the best magic?

There is none, just pick whatever you want

It’s true that some magics clearly outclass others, but there is not one magic to surpass them all. Each magic has their own strengths and weaknesses that set it apart from other magics (albeit slightly) so no magic will make you instantly good.

Will this game come to mobile?

Yes, that is planned to be a feature in the total game revamp update

Now a concern with this is how mobile will even function, but since “immersive” resource consuming npcs won’t be a thing anymore, I say phones now have a chance of running the game now. They will also have auto-aim and optimized visuals.

When update and how do I join dev updates???

Updates come out when they are ready to come out, be patient. You can join dev updates by doing “~join dev updates” in the commands channel. If you do it in general chat, a mod will smite you.

When will the games story continue?

It won’t. Instead, it is being completely redone into a new story for Arcane Odyssey.

Due to the games new place in the timeline, the old story won’t fit. The respective bosses, minotaur and exiled, will be removed as well as their drops. The drops will be compensated.

Revamp? TGR? What is that? When is it coming out?

An update that will completely change the game and it won’t be out for a couple of months. Click on this link for more details.

How do I get a second magic and how do I get lost magic??

You can’t get either yet, but they are planned. Don’t expect second magic to be a feature until a few months after the game revamp. Lost and primordial magics are a long time away.

Eventually, you will have 5 magics.

3 elemental, and 1 lost and 1 primordial


3 Elemental, 2 losts.

You cannot get lost and primordial magics yet, they aren’t even coded in the game yet at the time of writing this. These magics are meant to be high level endgame magics.

How do I play?

Alright tutorial skipper, here are the controls. Even the obvious ones.

  • WASD: Move
  • Ctrl: Toggle sprint
  • T: High Jump
  • Lshift or Rshift: Charge energy
  • Space: Jump
  • G: Block
  • B (hold): Emote menu
    You can level up by doing quests, which are randomly spawning around the map. There is no specific place to get quests from.

Objective: Try to become the strongest villian/hero wizard!..I guess!

Do NOT break stuff or kill townspeople when starting out, or this game will become extremely fustrating for you

Level 1-25, you are a starter wizard so you can only do starter quests.

Starter quests have a teal aura around the green question mark.

Level 25-50, you are a novice wizard and can now do starter/novice quests

Novice quests have a green aura around the green question mark and give more exp than starter. If you do starter, you will get half exp.

Level 50-90, you are an apprentice wizard and have reached current "endgame"

Apprentice quests have a golden aura, and give the most rewards.


lets hope a mod pins this.

This is cool and all, and explains it simply

But people don’t read, especially the children that ask these questions

Vetex could literally make the name of the game “update coming out in 3 months” and people will still ask that question

It’s almost funny how dense some people are


If so few people read it, what makes you think that they know this game has a Forum AND will find this exact post, which will eventually be buried under new posts?

@Srtolertus yeah fr

IKR. Even though they’re a bit on the dense side, I just wanted to do a little something to help them out on the off chance that they come across the forum.

@Cosmos Good question :rofl: you could call it a blind hope I guess

Dude…I feel like no one reads the description of Roblox games…
…I wish people would

Pretty sure the great majority of those people don’t know that there is a forum or how to access it

also why was this moved to wom guides
its a FAQ, not a guide.

How different is the discord from the forum?

The forum has the more mature part of the community and we know more about the game. Most of us are veterans.

The same can’t be said about the discord tho.

Hmmmm ok. So is it like the lion kings bad lands? Where all the insane people are at.

At least now when someone comes and asks some of these questions, they can just get a link to here.

Ok so is it just me that thinks it looks yellow-green?

As stated before, those who need these questions answered lack a general sense of awareness.

In one scenario, there was an encounter with 3 people conversing about the disappointment of World of Magic never being updated again.

However, in the game description on ROBLOX…

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FAX bro

All the 12 year olds and younger seem to never check the description of Roblox games

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