Any clue on how the dark sea will work

It’s apparently procedurally generated and infinite, and gets more dangerous the farther out you go, but theoretically can 8 strong players go out in every direction and load a large amount of terrain?

Would the unloaded sea be regenerated if you come back the other way

Dark sea watcha expect?
The sea is dark, that means it’s just dark bro.

Good luck being able to sea in the dark sea


I’m willing to bet it will work similarly to the Haine desert from Pokémon sun and moon(search it up) where it’s a lot of different chunks and if you go from one chunk to another and then back it would be different than the original chunk you were in. Some islands in the dark sea will be randomly generated while most will be premade and randomly distributed.

i think its like a mix of the grand line and the New World from one piece we’ll never know until vetex tells us however

why the pun.

Don’t remind me, my idiot self had to get a guide to find the stupid guy so I could give him a water bottle :sleeper:

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It won’t be infinite, there will be a “wall”, more or less, that prevents you from going further using insanity I think.

POV: The entire server is aether magic users
Monsters in the dark sea:

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Because yes

FUUCKKKKKK that was a pain in the ass to reach

Pretty sure you’ll just die of insanity if you go too far into it.

Also the Dark Sea Bandits from WoM

Is that a coincidence or will we run into their predecessors in the Dark Sea? I’m assuming the name has some relevance

We don’t know yet

Bro WoM is very far away from AO so no.

There were dark sea bandits in WoM?

In the big camps you could find one of three bandit factions, the Sun Rage bandits, Rising Mist Bandits, and Dark Sea bandits

Ohh those, idk if those are related but I doubt it

Maybe they just studied history and thought the dark seas were cool

I imagine navigating the Dark Sea will be tantamount to sailing in Deepwoken at night during a snowstorm (you can only see like 20 studs in front of you).

Me using Sun magic to create a sun and turn the Dark seas into the Daytime seas (simultaneously burning my boat down and drowning in the process)