Any early-game deckhands?

I’m trying to find literally any early-game deckhand to help me whilst i’m on the seas. Any npc i’ve found has an insanely high rep requirement. I’ve heard a lot of players using one named ‘Enizor’, where can I find this npc? Thanks in advance

Enizor is a quartermaster, and his quest is at frostmill for level 30 i think.


Enizor is the alchemist in Frostmill he gives no stat boosts though. There’s also another one on one of the northern islands near dawn islands that you can get early on.

ooh yeah thats the word i was looking for, quartermaster. cheers fella

I’ll take a look, cheers

I still want ti know about deckhands, they all require you to be more famous than freaking Jeff Bezos

Deckhands are different from quartermasters, quarter masters are unlocked through quests deckhands are unlocked through renown/bounty

Renown and bounty will become much easier to get once server size is increased and player bounty hunting becomes possible.

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