Any Equipment Recommendations?

I’ve been kind of stuck knowing what’s a “good” build or not, and because of that I’ve been hesitant to use DS T2 scrolls which are kind of rare due to personal time constraints for DS runs.

Now, before you suggest anything, I just want to say the following:

  • Don’t suggest sunkens or atlantean essence, I don’t have them.
  • Don’t remove my theurgist hat because insan messes up NPC photos in the DS, which is very anoying
  • I’d prefer not to swap my weapons, but you can suggest enchants for them.
  • I am a PvE player. Don’t suggest things that are specifically meant for PvP.
  • I’d rather avoid drawback.

I do like to keep a good amount of attack speed to mitigate ice’s slowness, and size because hitting things is hard, so my gems are a mixture of malachite and candlearias.

Here’s my build:

One thing to decide is if you want to play into the strengths of your magic or try to even out its weaknesses.

Orrrrrr, you could do the funny 500+ attack speed build

My game is fairly laggy often, so I’d say it’s important to have a decent attack speed count

honestly, as long as you have maxed gear (exotic enchants, perfect jewels, modifiers if it’s not a boss drop or sunken), it’s probably a good build
only exception is intensity where u don’t need it bc that stat honestly just doesn’t do anything

Idk how much attack speed is gonna affect your build cause you’re an ice conjurer, attack size may benefits you more.
Further testing is needed if you want to know what’s your best build

Attack speed does wonders for ice conjuror, it lets you actually hit attacks since it buffs your projectile speeds to normal speeds.
I do agree that 140 attack speed might be a bit much, 100-120 range is fairly decent

Understanable, what’s your thoughts about attack size on ice conjurer?

I don’t think you need attack size as an ice conjurer since your attacks are so big already. (Just look at devastate or tempest) I don’t see a point in using size as having bursting or dense on your weapons can already do the same without having to sacrifice your other armor stats.

U can try cernyx faulds instead of the amulet, it’s got gem slots