Any Neat Character Drip Tips?

What are some neat tips for character customization when it comes to accessories?

Try to make the accessories not blatantly clip. Also don’t have conflicting colours in accessories such as the whole fit being blue and yellow but a green hat

Duly noted :+1:

valk helm is pretty underrated so try usin that

arcsphere + sorcerer hat is nice, probably works with wizard hat too

also you can equip two arcspheres at once by having one in your stats and the other in vanity

I might try that

^ So it would be a good idea to remove the colored bands not only because they clip into the gloves but also because of the purple clashing with the red?

yeah exactly

^ Got it chief

just know that you CAN have some things clip, as long as it isn’t huge

take mine for example

the helm clips with the hat but not by a lot and it looks good

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I’ll take note of that too :+1: (Also nice design)

having it the same color also makes it look better unless u wanted it like that

they are both grey
(why the hell are they different shades vetex)

so yeah important lesson: some items have different shades of the same colour

yeah it kinda bugs me that the cobalt wanderers robes are a different color to my cobalt valk and witch hat

Good to know :+1:

Also good to know actually :+1: