Any Questions About Australia?

I’m Bored, So Hit Me Up With Questions About It

Tell me about the wildlife, I hear it’s deadly.

it’s a place on earth :scream:

Well, There Are Flies Everywhere, Mozzies And Spiders Hiding In Small Plants, And I Never Go Outside.

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How do you guys survive the wilderness? Also goes it get cold there?

details up

Its Either Boiling Hot, Or Super Cold, No In Between, And We Just Fight Our Problems

what season is it there

Favorite slang from there?


Its Varies From Person To Person, But “Ello” Is My Favourite

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how many times do australians say piss or cunt every second

how are you typing upside down?


Not Many For Me At Least, I Don’t Swear

Gravity Manipulation


Have you ever lost a war with a bird?


I haven’t been to Australia in a while
in around a 25km radius of where you are now how many Kebab shops are there?
When I lived there in Perth I’d say there was about 2-3

why are you australian :giraffe:

I Have.

Uh 0