Any tips on the Night time egg?

I have seen no screen shots nor really know how to get this to spawn. People say ‘sail at night’ but I’ve done that for hours and haven’t seen anything.

pvp with others until you see a long orange streak while spectating (if you see a long streak instead of a short streak, that means its close to where you are and you should be able to get it before it despawns)

if you dont pvp, id recommend standing at the peak of ravenna and watch your surroundings for an orange streak

This ones gonna be the death of me.

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it floats in the ocean like a rubber duck, it’s a little bit smaller than a pumpkin

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I’ve found this shit while sailing like 5 times now.

Show me your ways, it’s one of the last two eggs I need…

Just sail at night time and look for anything poking out. They kinda just stick out. RNG heavy but it’s not super duper rare if you do it multiple times and are constantly sailing at night. Just keep a sharp eye :nod:

Aw shucks, I usually scroll the forums while I sail. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to find it yet.

I think this is exactly what you should do. Stall out the daytime by fishing and stuff, then sail around aimlessly to try and find one.

That’s how I found the asteroid egg.

or just wait at sandfall for EGGGGGGG (sandfall can get you 5 eggs, pvp egg, cactus one, shark, coconut, and possibly asteroid with huge rng)

I saw one but I thought it was a cannon from Fort talos so I didn’t pick it up

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