Any up-to-date resources for damage interactions?

I’m making a heat magic conjurer (steam imbue) and was stuck deciding between fire and plasma, so I decided to compare their damage interactions with the wiki only to find the damage interactions varied from the magic’s page and the status effect page
I came to the conclusion fire = big damage and a bit larger size while plasma = normal damage but big speed, though I’d still like to know much damage would differ which is tough to find out when there isn’t an accurate source for damage interactions
Trello used to have magics’ damage interactions but it was all outdated and is now removed, maybe they’re being updated. There’s also no page for steam’s interactions on the wiki nor on the old trello listing. I tried checking the balance doc but that only gave me partial info. I could check past balance docs and piece it together myself I guess

I’ve been trying to find something like this too. Everything is outdated or deleted. So right now there is nothing

I’m hoping the trello cards were removed so that they could be replaced with updated information

I read somewhere that this is the reason they were removed. We can only hope vetex updates it

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