Anyone else feel like new infamy system is a bit too harsh?

I think that the new changes have been especially harsh and very harmful for casual clans. Lots of my allies have stopped playing the game altogether because of the insane rate at which they got hunted for infamy.

The old system was definitely quantity over quality but that meant that people who strived to make big and active communities prospered. This meant that casual clans had a chance but this rework essentially limits clans to only pvp ones since they’re the only clans that bother to cycle members or be dickheads and hunt random clan people for infamy.

Vetex could’ve at least added more unique and rewarding ways for infamy as currently trying to farm infamy without killing people is less fun than cargo. Grinding Harvest and other large islands at the current gutted rates is not worth it if a single hunt removes 200ish infamy from your clan, it just doesn’t feel rewarding. If you want to pve away at an island you have to sit there all the time and defend in a squad which is extremely boring, and if you don’t do this have fun trying to organise a defence force from halfway across the map.

Lots of my friends seem to agree with me but barely anyone brings this topic up all that much so I wanted to know your thoughts.


honestly infamy has always sucked for casual players.

It is inherently anti-casual. Clans have been squeezed through a fine point, and come out the other side as essentially a pvp player only activity.

What Crimsonpants said

Clans are, first and foremost, a PvP thing, at least to me

If you dont like pvp, dont join a clan. If you still join one, don’t complain when you lost 200 from one hunt


To add onto this.

From a pure PvE perspective, there really isn’t any - or at least very little- incentives much less benefits in being in a Clan. Even considering the Building Update, im not inclined to care too much from this perspective/lens, other than a personal fortress i can build and maybe the passive benefits from towns.


But that’s about it.

Outside of this hyperfocus though, it’s not a bad addition for clans in general. It’ll only somewhat get me to care about the building update given that im in a clan myself, but i personally don’t care too much about it.

Towns seem interesting but it’ll depend if it’s worthwhile to invest into. I do have a Clan Bank - granted it’s at Rookie and plan to stop at Average- so im more than capable of tampering w/ it.

We’ll have to see, i’ll probably be preoccupied w/ the Dark Seas and being in and out constantly.

I would like to add this:
Clans/Guilds have always been primarily pvp based. They were in wom, I’m pretty sure they were in AA, and now in my opinion they are in the right spot in AO.

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honestly thats a you problem join neptune

the clan system as a whole is an l
the only way to make it better is to remove it entirely

Infamy has/will always be against casual players

See my main problem is that its said that building grants PVE benefits, like to fishing, in the example. This is awesome! Except that fishing clans will have to become pvpers to engage with this new benefit. Essentially strong-arming people into playing a specific type of way, and not getting together in groups or forming clans with the sole purpose of enjoying singular features or pve content.

At this point, with all the back and forth arguments, the only thing I think we could do as an easy solution is just add pve clans or something of that ilk that don’t punish you for wanting to be in a non-pvp centric group of players, but even if we did get that, it likely would not be til post-release, so us casual pve players will simply have to suffer being second fiddle for a long time.

Based new guy

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Kinda find it strange just how much this game is geared against casuals. Seriously, it’s flipping ROBLOX, guys.

On the other hand, I have literally no interest at all in joining clans, so idk.

Blame the sweats. They’re a loud as fuck minority. Maybe if they spent that exact same effort they put into shitty roblox rpgs and instead using that effort to go to university, get an education and develop shit that would fix problems instead of getting marginally better at a shitty non-pvp centered rpg to boost their ego and fapping to deepwoken porn we would get shit done.


you shouldnt really care about infamy if you dont want to pvp

Truer words are rarely spoken. I suppose on one hand, they are a part of the game, but they gotta realize they aren’t the entire game, and their ideas make everything worse for everyone else.

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I honestly wouldn’t have really cared about the infamy system at all if clans weren’t so misleading at the start of AO. I mean I owned a 0 infamy guild in WoM and came to terms that we will never even reach rookie as we were a pve guild. The old system in AO made it so casuals could grind an insane amount of infamy and come on top. Having gotten my own clan a decent amount of infamy with friends, people started joining us because of our size and none of this would’ve happened if we didnt grind away on islands. Now I’m seeing most of those friends leave AO because they wanted to be in guilds to have a big community to chill with, not worry about being killed by random people for infamy.

The only time I got infamy in WOM was when I boss raided a 2v4 or 3

then I lost it all

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