Anyone else notice how ugly ash's particles are?

This isn’t meant to be a blast at vetex, it just doesn’t look right when you use a high blast or high beam amount spell.
First of all, aren’t ashes supposed to be greyish black and not completely black? I feel like ash needs the embers toned down a bit, because they literally look like hot balls rather than actual combustion.

This is what ash looks like right now, and i feel like it doesn’t really represent a dying fire

Those are what appeared when i googled embers, not ashes.
Ashes are literally a gray powder.
As much as i know, ash magic doesn’t look like a greyish black powder with flecks of orange and red, and neither do it’s clouds.
On top of that, why does ash petrify look grey when ash magic itself isn’t grey?

idk why bother complaining, the current particles are infinitely cooler than some random grey powdery cloud

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did you read

yeah you asked for

which is pretty much what i just mentioned
current ash is cooler

that is objectively better than a cloud of alien substance

tbf, black looks cooler than grey

imma be real with you some creative liberties had to be done to make ash look and sound cool
nobody’s gonna be frightened when you threaten your opponents with throwing your grandma at them


Ash is one of the best looking magics currently imo

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I think ash looks a bit peculiar but I don’t think it needs to look like grey smoke :sob:

Maybe if it ever gets a color variant it’ll be grey and orange instead of black and red?

the only particles ingame I’d really complain about is the really laggy and ugly explosion beam.
all the other effects are solid so something had to fall short lol.

ok this looks more like what’s ingame

my biggest problem with ash atm is that the charging effect is just the magic logo squeezing out of your character like it’s a cartoon


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