Anyone else thinking about lost tech ones

Since we’re getting some lost techniques on release that begs the question, how will they fit in?
Because in theory you’d be able to apply each technique to each fighting style so there’s got to be some overlap somewhere unless vetex makes it so that it’s one technique for one fighting style but slightly altered/changed because it doesn’t exactly fit for another. I.e cannon fist getting a different technique from a lost technique scroll than thermo fist or sailors fist
I personally would find either option interesting cause that makes berserker builds more varied

But that would be sooo much extra work

How so?

i think that the majority of lost techniques will be exclusive to certain fighting styles, since unlike magic they’ll have unique movesets and it would be challenging to make every technique work with every style.

I imagine they are more of a generalized move set. Like I’m pretty sure every fighting style is having a base fighting style moveset, then unique moves based on the fighting style you chose.

We don’t assume fire magic needs unique lost spells compared to earth because it can cause burn and earth cannot. In the same way, even if the thermo fist has the capability to burn, I believe the lost techniques will just be based off of general fist fighting and therefore useable for any fighting style.

Just how I imagine it though, I also would like what I said better because it could lead to combining lost techniques with certain fighting styles for new combos, compared to every thermo fist having the same lost techniques because they are the only ones for thermo fist.

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