Anyone got any armored?

i need them for my ship

I have an armored archiac hull>

i need armored arcanium ram

why armored ram bro

use strong/powerful on that
or maybe brisk

i put warship on my sails

I have armored if u wanna offer

K sure, how much for it

I heavily recommend using a brisk hammerhead ram. Hammerhead rams are better in nearly every aspect. The only ram i would consider over hammerhead rams are light rams (just super fast ram speed)

you can’t use light rams unless you’re magic based class sadge

do you have a powerful scroll

dont think so

ik thats why i didnt outright tell him to use light rams
mb tho, in hindsight i shouldve explicitly said that

idk man, whatcha offering?

good question
what you want

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