Anyone got blasted lightmancer hat?

i need it for my build

I doubt anyone will have lightmancer specifically, but try looking for any variant of blasted arcmancer hat, it will switch to light anyways

i have metal magic as first, its going to switch to metal instead of light

it’s random which one it swaps to, it can swap to either

i have exactly what you lookin for

Light is my magic and i have the blasted arcmancer hat.

whats the price

What can you offer?

(For reference, its value is around 45k-50k galleons.)

oh wow
thats expensive

i somehow doubt that

suit yourself

As unpredictably reliable the galleon is, it is the price displayed there

Just keep trading it with someone who doesn’t have metal magic (preferably a friend), changing its magic type each time and, eventually, it will become light.

huh, alright

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