Anyone got sunken warrior helmet?

I also need Aeroplast, Auric Seaweed and Agate

So… if you used your eyes :eyes: you would see the topic that says trading brisk sw helm

1, uh no i didnt
2, oh wow is this an opticalcord alt account?

??? does bro really think I’m that G@y ahhhh man



I don’t think he would tell his alt to “shut up”

he would for bait

fair point, but that isn’t even a public Convo… its a dm

between me, DeronChepem, Slopticalcord, and Playrrt

true ig
anyways are you here to sell your sunken warrior helmet or to clown on me?

no, just saying… I am very poor man

I didn’t mean to make it seem like clowning, MB bro

no i have patrick

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