Anyone have good recommendations for making music?

I’ve always been into music (And wanted to make my own).

Does anyone have recommendations for a free, easy to use, browser supported music maker? I’ve seen lots of people on the forum making music.

Me, @Kosmo, @Noober, and some others use Soundtrap to make music. It’s pretty good if you are just starting off. @NEKOSAIKOU uses another free one called Bandlabs but he’ll have to tell you how good it is.

You can also use FL Studio for free if you plan on making and exporting a song in one go (since you can’t open FL Studio files unless you pay $99 or more). It’s a bit more advanced so I would recommend using it once you get the hang of the other free music makers.

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Thank you! I’m actually writing a piano piece rn so i’ll finish that then make a digital version of it.

If anyone here besides me plays piano, i will send them the digital version and you can print the sheet music i’m making

I’ve been playing piano for like 8 years now, so I hope the music ends up being half-decent.

I’ll see which one I will get

You’ll definitely end up making good music if you have prior experience making music and have a good sense of melody. I don’t play any instruments currently and I’m getting the hang of it.


I’ve made piano sheet music a few years back and have perfect pitch, which isn’t that much to brag about tbh. I can just recognize what note it is by hearing it.

I’m writing my WoM/Ao OC’s theme song right now, called “Scythe” but I might change the name later.

Oh, bandlab is pretty simple and easy to learn. All you’ll need to do is create an account in order to use the DAW website. It isn’t that advanced as well so you might find something lacking in it. Oh, the account creation is free as well in case you’re wondering.

Considering you have a piano as well, if it’s able to connect as a MIDI device, I recommend using cakewalk. It’s a program that’s from bandlab as well, has a lot of features since it was first a paid DAW but became free for use. If you aren’t satisfied with the instruments that comes in cakewalk, you can download plug-ins and add it in cakewalk.

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