Anyone here play splatoon 3?

the testfire for splatoon 3 just came out, so i wanted to know some people’s opinions on stuff

  • which team are you on? i’m on paper

  • what is your favourite new addition to the game? mine’s definitely the tri colour turf war, it’s really fun

  • what is your least favourite new addition to the game? from what i’ve heard, it’s really hard for the middle team to win in tri coloured, so probably that

  • what weapon is your favourite?

  • what special weapon is your favourite? mine’s tacticooler, it gives so many buffs

  • do you think it’s better than splat 2


the game

the game?

all of them

all of them

idk never played any splatoon game


something to do in the lobby while waiting
unsure yet
yeah probably

scissors (big man ftw)

this demo really felt like splatoon 2.5 cuz u cant access most new features so i cant tell whats my new favorite feature yet actually being able to do stuff in the lobby while waiting is probably the best feature by far

its annoying when the match just ends because a single guy disconnected and then im forced to stare at a screen that says i didnt lose points for 20 seconds before being taken back to the lobby

idk whats my favorite weapon yet but god damn i fucking hate the bow its so unreliable just use a charger

tacticooler is cool to just throw it at a teammate and see them be happy

theres no stingray so ofc its better than splat 2

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big man is the god


fr, having to hit three things at the same time is really hard, but you get used to it after a bit

i do hope they release a stringer that kills with just one arrow tho

also i won a x100 battle :sunglasses:

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nice, i didn’t get to see one cause i started playing tri colour at some point, guess regular is more profitable

scissors ftw
i love all the new specials, not as stupid as splat 2’s but feel as fun as splat 1’s
i don’t really have a least favorite addition
splattershot pro was fun
crab tank crab tank cr a b ta NK
much better than splat 2

team rock
the lobby is neat also victory dances are cool
tacticooler is way too good if you are coordinating with your team on call it’s actually nuts 4 nzaps on one team is a free win
brushes and aerospray anything that can paint well
reefslider is way too fun zip caster is also cool but hard to aim and not worth it
obviously its better than splatoon 2


I was on scissors but it ended already where I live,
I think scissors won but It never actually told me.

My favourite addition was the new specials and maps (Eeltail ally is the absolute best)

As a scissors player, yes tri colour is difficult but I managed to win one.

As a first-time splatoon player, I really enjoyed the splat charger because the satisfaction of sniping people is worth my lack of skill with the weapon.

Ink Vac is fun to use even if I only hit one person with it throughout the entire splatfest.

No idea if it’s better.

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i don’t think they’ve released the results yet

I wanna get splatoon 3 and furi

whos lame now

still not over how paper only had 17% of the total players in it

we only lost because tri color turf war was unbalanced asf


fr, those sprinklers cover way too much turf


the grade is based on clout from both open and pro. Tri color is an open game mode and it only counts for very little of it cus turf war is so much more popular. Even if you say open was still rigged you still lost in pro which only counts turf war (and that too you lost to paper lol). Even if you guys won the votes which I have no idea how rock won, you still would have only tied for second place.

wait, what happens if every team gets a point in one category?