Anyone remember One Piece Golden Age?

god i remember farming this game, it was honestly just so fun to play and had a lot of attention to detail vetex is known for (for example one i remember is gum gum pistol being able to catch bullets).

honestly some things about this game are better than any one piece game on roblox nowadays. wish i could play this again but anytime anyone tries to remake or just make it playable again they just dissapear or discontinue it :frowning:


Yes, I played it
When AA came out, i didn’t know it was by the same person, and never got around to playing it :frcryin:

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yeah, i figured that out also like a month ago or smth that vetex had made 2 of my favorite roblox games lol

Pretty sure I played it but I’ve played so many one piece games and this was so long ago I can’t say for certain I did.

i would say it has a unique style and some unique concepts.

but it was just damn awesome, wonder what vetex would make nowadays, to might just come out to be AO but with one piece

I’m too new to the platform
Didn’t know this existed


I remember the character customization part was divine, and practically the map design of the new generations that came, there was a lot of inspiration in the golden age, navy cape, until today I have a badge of getting 1 million bounty, it was so good the game!!!

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i was on the platform when it was open but i wasnt a one piece fan so i never played it

for those of you who have never seen the golden age, here is your link so that your nostalgia can be made or learn how the first one piece game was very well done by vetex

dude stuff like gum gum pistol being able to catch bullets blows my mind tbh

kinda tempted to try and try to bring back the game myself but i doubt i’d be able to

I think I remember playing it but cant be sure.