Anyone tried making piano versions?

Yes. I’m that guy who likes to play video game soundtracks on her piano. I know that this is unnecessary but…

Anyone tried making piano versions of AO soundtracks? Like, oh my god. If someone did do that, I’d be overjoyed. A month ago or two, I made a piano version of Sailor’s Lodge because firstly, it’s my favorite soundtrack in the game, and secondly, I think it’s the easiest to create. BUT it’s definitely not good enough. I’m thinking of making piano versions of AO soundtracks because ‘no one’ else was doing it. (I’ve seen a few atleast, and they’re awesome! Also dunno if I should continue making some or not)

I’m not too great at these ‘converting things to piano’ stuff. Especially when the soundtrack is orchestral that it’s almost impossible to recreate in a piano, which is likely most of them lol. (why am I even asking) So I’d be really happy to see if anyone tried making piano versions!


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hi @Maple

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mmmmm per haps