Anything happen?

it’s been quite a while since i’ve been online

anything interesting happen on the forum, vetcord, game, etc.?

well other than memes and an anniversary thing, not much.

Not much, just degeneracy and the mental decline of a bunch of overglorified femtex cultists

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I consider myself a connoisseur :wine_glass: :mariomug:


The same, my good sir, and the action of this other common forumer named LichdaDerp dares to demean the honor and fame of our unionship together in the praise of our Femtex?

It mustn’t stand.

(this is a joke)

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POV: you have an undiagnosed hentai addiction

I can fix it

Cheems Doge Dog Pistol Pointing Meme Shitpost Nobackgro - Hand Pointing Gun  Png,Pointing Gun Png - free transparent png images -

I consider you a degenerate.

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Hello, welcome back!

So, today is thanksgiving… So of course. as a gift, take this nice turkey! I even put a fork it in that you can use!


forums kinda dead. still i like to hang out in this ghost town. see whats cookin’

@StarForDays fuck you and your femtex

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Silly jubilee, no need to be so harsh. Such actions are so unnecessary brutal, why not return to a state of peace :smiling_imp:

I’ll return you to a state of unlife

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i missed you here, nothing else

that I remember, my longest topic got closed unfortunately but for an “understandable” reason

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