Anything new?

I haven’t been on the forums in awhile so I decided to roam around again cause Boredom lol

Nothing too much, but there’s a forumer-made trello and a website that apparently generates fantasy stories for forumers.

Explosion, Plasma, fire, and magma magic now all explode or dissapitate when in water. (AO)

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Um our Trello of me and Ian aint recent at all, it’s more than 2 months old

User4 came back a few times
forumer made trello
reminders for ao 2 exists and part 3 will exist soon

One thing will never change.
All the forumers will remain slightly weird.
Me too

Bro we got reactions now

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we discovered the secret to finding mimhere island.

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wood magic got a rework and now inflicts bleeding after dealing 5% or more maximum hp to a target.

plasma had some damage rework I think it got it’s base impact increased and DoT lowered.

we have a leak for high level magma spell

yeah that’s what I remember from the top of my head

I think he’s asking about events that happened.

oh well idk let’s see…

uer4 had a really small reappearance :ghost:

the punk brothers happened :poggerfish:

ezia isn’t banned yet :frcryin:

that’s about it really :person_shrugging:

I mean ezia is fine

oh boy…

go to the inferno vs the darklflame post

ok so he likes darkflame

is that a problem now or something

nah it’s just I was teasing him (he insulted me first so this isn’t a one way street)

I mean fair ig

“don’t dish out what you can’t handle”

a wise man I knew once told me

They’ve been pretty inactive the past month though.

nah I see cryopunk on discord sometimes I have him added

pyropunk is dead :skull: (not literally just inactive)

Pls someome ban him

other way around bucko