AO and it’s chances at the bloxys

It’s fucking not happening lmao. Roblox isn’t gonna care about a game like AO.


idk man i think it has potential

its releasing towards the end of the year though, so if it has a chance for a bloxy its probably not this year

You’re absolutely correct. It may be nominated but I doubt we’ll be seeing it win anything

fuck you
AA got a review from roblox youtube, it could happen again

True but did AA get any nominations? You can argue that AO will be bigger than AA I guess, since Super Golf somehow got a bloxy

The hell is super golf? How have I not heard of this. Roblox is so DRY


it will never happen again


I doubt it would be featured in this years bloxys, but for sure next years

AA got featured in a roblox made review back in 2016

Then again roblox is going to focus and bringing older people into the roblox community. So maybe :man_shrugging:

If AO annexes enough of the shitty anime fighting game community, I could see it happening.

sad but true

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