AO (And other) Faces

Okay, so, question; if 3/4ths of the art pertains to Arcane Odyssey, does it count? I’m not sure, but here we are anyways because I spent nearly six hours on this. Now, I have been told my ability to draw faces is lackluster, and while these may be a bit uncanny, I think they at least look distinguished, which was what I was going for.

Full color ver

Linework only

I tried to have the linework imitate Acko’s stylization, as I like messier linework overall. Too clean linework just feels a bit boring. I’ll admit it doesn’t look that good right now. Possibly because I insist in changing my artstyle with literally everything I draw. Oh well.


The noses are all a bit odd, I can’t really put my finger why though

Could be the uneven linework. Originally I intended to add shading, with the light coming from the upper left. Thus, I darkened and thickened the lines on the right of the characters.

Never got to it, though, as I’d already spent long enough on this.


Scared Black Guy Meme Generator

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I’m going to level with you—I’m the artist, and this is my work. I’ll do what I want.

draw however you want :+1:

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Truly a moment.

Do not.

all of you horny people need to be ashamed


I like it, the stylization almost makes it look like a medieval piece, if that makes any sense. I’m sure you can get where I’m coming from, they almost look Nordic in a way?

May have to do with the fact that two of them are blonde and three are redheads.