AO Builds Series : KNIGHT (Vitality - Weapons)

plan to cover all of the remaining builds.
anyways here’s the first one, knight.
feel free to suggest me anything.


gah damn !

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what taking a break from gpo does to a man

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YO this looks sick!!! A very interesting change form your typical artstyle, I’m liking the grittier feel of it.

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so this is what you’ve been doing this couple of months

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wait what no? :fr:
@Soraa SO chap 2? :frplead:

hold on

its 2x logia

gpo calls :fr:

AO advertising posters wheN?

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Phewka making bulkier characters? Damn, cant wait for juggernaut and warden hehe.

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mako is that you? :fr:
pardon me if im mistaken but that “hehe” seems to have caught my eye

nah im pretty sure that’s him

Love how the knight looks. Very EPIC!


Do the mage Do the mage Do the mage Do the mage Do the mage


Ohoh interesting :eyes:

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They better have armor like this for drippy builds


Knight’s getting love? 10/10

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lets go phewka break the body shape curse

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Amazing, can’t wait to see warlock.

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