AO Campaign ranking

Out of all the currently existing seas rank which ones have the best campaigns, I’ll go first

  1. Bronze sea
  2. Dark sea

bro there’s 2 its not a good topic rn do it in 3 yrs

Ah but I thought really hard about this one :pensive:

  1. Bronze Sea
  2. Elysium
  3. Dark Seas
  4. Northern Western Sea Arena
  5. Second Sea
  6. Third Sea
  7. First Sea
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We can all agree that second sea was by far the best of the aa seas right

The Vimir Sea so far has been really good. I feel like the clues system in the Order UI is being used to its fullest potential. It’s not clear yet which one of Wotan’s sons is the High Lord, there’s so much debate and argument surrounding it and I genuinely couldn’t tell you which side I’m taking. I’ve never seen a story from a roblox game get so many people split before. Each of Wotan’s sons has given a lot of hints, and there’s an argument to be made for why any of them could be the High Lord. My theory is that they’re all about to turn on each other, and that’s when the big reveal will happen.

Edit: Some people are saying Wotan himself is the High Lord, please stop meming. We already had one king as a High Lord, being Calvus, wouldn’t two be too obvious? And if you think any of the signs so far have pointed to Wotan being a High Lord, you obviously don’t understand the lore. Please just read the lore doc or something, maybe replay the storyline while you’re at it.


wait what info we have on wotans sons?

Sorry but im a difference in opinion, the sea is too big with only a few islands. And it’s the point in the game where it starts to get grindy. The most annoying example is trying to fight theos, if you die you dont just spawn close by you gotta sail all the way back to his boss arena and it’s such a chore. I spend more time sailing then fighting him lol.

Now I do love some parts of the second sea
You get your second magic
The borealis shipwreck is my favourite hub in the game, has all the shops, NPCs to fight and is a fun spot to fight other players. Plus that godly ost
I love that the sailing theme is skyward sword
But even with that im just not that interested in the islands in the sea and the content in it.

Heres my AA ranking:

1:First sea
2:Third sea
3:Second sea

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Im curious but why do you think it’s the best? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

old sea supremacy


I didn’t play original aa, only ar, so most of the things you mentioned aren’t really there, gunslinger murder quest is halved, map markers make going to theos very easy and quick.
The reason I liked it was mainly because it actually felt like the story quests had good connection to each other instead of “my friend conveniently needs help you should go do that”, and the theos boss fight is extremely fun

But it seems you didn’t play original aa either because you put the content less void that was the third sea above the second

I played AA and I loved the Third Sea. Alalea, Whiteridge, Sunrise Ravine and especially Cerulea are such beautiful places.

Redwood was also a quaint little town, like Savaria except more savannah-ish. And it was interesting having the AG base just be a campsite on a tiny island. It really shows how much influence pirates have in the Seven Seas.

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Damm I feel dumb, edited that lol

I have played original AA and old AR when it did not have stuff like halved murder quest or map markers.
Yea the story was cool, it really felt like my character was training for their second mind, and the theos fight is fun but is very hard and back then I was not as good at the game so I died lots and had to sail back alot which got on my nerves

But in saying that the third sea is only slightly and I mean slightly better than the second sea.
Also the second sea has no sky islands which is a slight deduction on my part lol

fair enough sky islands >>> everything else

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