AO characters in a tower defense

What if there was a TD game based off of the Arcane Universe? Which enemies or towers would you add?

A few ideas I had:

Enemy idea: Rival
Drops a legendary treasure chart when defeated, stunning all towers in a radius while they scramble to search for it. Stun time depends on which map is being played on; Ravenna will have the longest stun, Mango Isle will have the shortest stun time.

Tower idea: Edward Kenton
Support tower, gives a +20% passive firerate buff for all towers in his range. Can make all enemies stop in their tracks by activating the “backview” ability.

Enemy idea: Civilian
Has only 10 hp, but when defeated, places the area under threat and spawns in 50 Magic Council Captains that stunlock your towers to oblivion

What are some ideas you have? Put them down in the replies

you could torture me and crease my jordans all you want but you will never be able to make me play a tower defence game

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Tower idea: Iris
Attack tower, creates a zone of flare magic that damages everything that steps in it with a very long DOT. Occasionally says “I’ll turn you into a pile of ashes”

Enemy Idea: Wandering Merchant
20 hp, Clueless merchant that gives a random item when killed, converting to coins or stunning your towers for a bit.


personally i would stop when they threaten me with creasing my jordans but that’s a respectable take honestly

lettuce and flare on their way to grind AO defense 24/7 and lose hours of sleep just to unlock the catgirl maid iris skin for their arsenal

Enemy: Pirate sailboat.
Has 100 health points.
When defeated, it’ll suck and cause the crew to jump ship, releasing four weak pirates each with 40 health each to rush the exit.

Tower: Morden

  • Starts out weak, using only low-level shadow magic. After upgrading, though, his death magic is very powerful, having high damage and a large AOR. However, he has a long cooldown after attacking.

Boss: King Calvus
Can tp across the path at a swift pace, and will occasionally turn around and squat, stunning every tower placed on the map.

Ao based towers are boring
forumer towers.

The game could be an horizontal-scrolling TD like The Battle Cats, standard TDs have gotten old, at least for me

I’m going to clear something up- I have no plans on actually creating or suggesting an AO tower defense. I created this post because I thought it would be funny to see how people would go about adapting characters from the Arcane Universe into towers and enemies.

i would make all of the towers buyable only with robux or free with premium

tower: neviro
weak damage but has an ability: yap
since morden mentioned he’s a smooth talker, the yap ability would slow all enemies in his range and make them more susceptible to the spear throws and thrusts he uses