AO class sub stereotypes

this is probably like what, 70% accurate? I made a WOM one last time


There are two types of mages.
1. The good mage
The good mage probably hasn’t touched their pulsar button in years. Probably hasn’t missed a SINGLE blast beam combo.
99% chance of using auto aim hacks
Definitely has more than 400 player kills
Is probably, surprisingly, among the most chill players in the server.
Doesn’t constantly miss snares, only uses it when it’s an obvious hit

2. The bad mage
The bad mage on the other hand, is probably still stuck in pre 1.12.
Probably wiped their heavy mage file because “heavy magics are trash now”.
Most likely to swap to conjuror after getting folded enough times
Probably tries to emulate the blast+beam combo that the good mage uses, but the problem is, this actually takes skill to complete
Spams ULT art as if their life depends on it(sort of does)

I can guarantee there is almost no inbetween. Either your a good mage or your a bad mage.


Like the mages, there are different types of conjurors.

1. The really bad conjuror(is allergic to PVP interactions)
Probably went conjuror as their first file
Spent all of their points into running and hiding or just PVE stuff
Probably has either REALLY high renown or REALLY low renown(if they didn’t play enough hide and seek)
Definitely has player kills from the 1-5 range
Very rare to find a really bad conjuror with any more than that

2. The mid conjuror(can probably fight back but most likely doesn’t win against conjuror mains)
AKA the casual player that actually has a life
Probably only plays on weekends
Occasionally practices PVP with friends, but would lose in a real fight
Similar to the really bad conjuror, finds the PVE aspects of the game more fun than PVP
Probably thinks the PVP is still unbalanced
Most likely did play WoM, but was a casual player there too(so they didn’t turn into a mage main or a conjuror main)
Most likely has player kills from the 10-30 range from PVP practice

3. The conjuror main
Has played AR and spent hours mastering it’s PVP
Probably played WoM for an absurd amount of time and as a result became a PVP god when AO released
Has more than 200 player kills
Has a duck ton of renown
(or on the other hand, has like no renown)
Didn’t quit conjuror after finding out that it’s imbue reduces damage ever so slightly
Can 100-0 combo you
Probably has a savant file


Probably swapped to warrior after getting ganked by a 400 dmg 1.5k HP warrior main.
If you were a long time warrior, you probably swapped to a different class to remove yourself from the bad warrior stereotype, or you probably kept your warrior gimmick(a lot of good warriors have a gimmick in their build, like they only use guns or have some sort of theme, like a viking or a samurai)
Or maybe you used to be a Ravenna Greatsword user and was shortly depressed because you found out gs got nerfed, then instantly came after realizing vindicator exists
“Warrior isn’t actually overpowered, the weapons that warrior has access to are” :nerd:

1. The vindicator spammer
Only lands hits with vindicator Crushing Judgement
Spams Ethereal Flash afterwards
Would lose every fight if vindicator wasn’t so damn overpowered
Probably has 200 player kills and less than 30 hours on the game
5th gen

2. The skilled vindicator spammer
(yes, these exist)
Has ungodly AOE aim, pair that with vindicator and you might as well just reset
Probably still uses ravenna greatsword
1000+ player kills

3. The actually good warrior
Uses a fucking AXE
Probably swapped to dual pistols mid fight just to flex on you
Probably knows how to combo all of their weapons
Uses triasta, rapier, and ravenna greatsword or random skillshot weapon like musket
1000+ player kills, except this time, arguably they earned it.
Probably uses a staff
Probably doesn’t miss with staff
“gg ez/nerf when?”


Either your an iron leg user or a thermo fist user.
I’m willing to bet money almost all LB players are warlords.(i’ve met too many warlord LB players)

1. Iron leg warlords
Sucks at the game
Looks like they DON’T suck at the game(they actually do)
“Striking Gale!”
“Shining Cycle!”
“Striking Gale!”
“Shining Cycle!”
(rinse and repeat)
Almost definitely an LB player
If they have high rep you can expect them to use only striking gale and still win
Probably a bad rep

2. Thermo first warlords
Chances are, an LB player
Will probably run once you get them below 50% HP(you are not catching them)
Probably forgot about every other key except for the crash and shot button
Either they never miss a shot or they never actually participate in the fight(they are 120000 meters above the ground)
Probably uses a ptooth dagger for maximum mosquito plays
On the other side of the spectrum, they can actually be really good at the game and make use of the insane speed that has been granted to them

(sailor and boxing warlords are excluded because they don’t actually exist)
(maybe not sailor warlords tho, they are fr rising)


Either using thermo fist, sailor fist, or iron leg
Probably forgot that they can use magic
“berserker but better”(this is not true >:( )
Metamancing, probably
Thinks they are the best at the game
Might ACTUALLY be the best at the game, if not for savant mains
Pretty much everyone forgot about them until crystal iron leg made an appearance


1. The “berserker is trash” guy
Probably heard some dude on YT talking about how berserker is horrible
As a result literally ONLY uses axe slash and shot
Indirectly plays like a mosquito
Probably gonna wipe this file next week

2. Iron leg boxing berserker
Thinks they aren’t using an overpowered build
Also probably thinks having 2.5k+ HP and dealing more than 170 damage(not including bleed) on almost every attack is balanced
Probably an Assassins Syndicate member
Only lands a hit when the enemy is on the ground
Completely wiffs their shots and somehow still hits you
Forgot that axe slash exists or never lands a hit with it
Will run away if they get low because boxing is fun
Turns off their brain and uses boxing crash + rushdown and then iron leg smash and still wins the fight
2.5k-2.7k+ HP, 170+ dmg not including bleed, as well as a 33%+ blocking buff
“Berserker is balanced.”
“Chad berserker.”

3. Thermo fist berserker/Boxing berserker/Basic combat berserker
The REAL chad berserker
Uses every skill in their arsenal to 100% efficiency
Can’t help but feel respect even if you do lose to them
Probably uses 20% shots
Probably also has a girlfriend irl(ThatOneGuy iirc)
“im casual”(proceeds to kill you in less than 2 seconds)
or they can just play like thermo warlord and mosquito you to death, but that’s rare
Probably played WOM
Definitely played a ton of FPS games


People underestimate you too much(I once ganked a juggernaut expecting an easy win and realized that going aggressive on a 3,000 HP behemoth is a bad idea)
Is actually the balanced version of iron leg boxing, dealing low dmg but having high HP
Not much to say. If you’re juggernaut you are officially epic.


Looks weak
In reality has memorized 47 different one shot combos with their build
Thinks savant is future meta
Savant is future meta
Makes your enemies feel like they suck at the game when they lose to you
Probably uses wind or ice/snow
Or plasma and flame
Probably doesn’t even main savant, or they are going to main savant.
Plays like a warlock
Probably most balanced build ingame
“Savants are RISING!!”(they are rising)
Probably has 100+ pk


I haven’t actually met enough knights to make a stereotype sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
but the first time I met a knight he killed me in like 10 seconds in a 1v1


The real “war” build
Probably gets underestimated as much as savants and juggernauts
You are cool
Not much to say

ahhhh i neeeed a medic bag…


what tye of mage stereotype am I if I go shadow and light
cuz that’s what I wanna go as my first mage class

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you forgot about me, basic warlord

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Me making 3 Warlocks solely because OC Lore reasons, knowing I could metamance on one of them (Ice Warlock but she has Basic Combat)

where is the chad iron leg berserker with minmaxed attack size?

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what’s that?

Why does this describe me to a T :melting_face:

  • I only play on weekends / casually
  • Occasionally practices PVP
  • PVE is more fun than PVP
  • Did play WOM, was a casual player
  • Player kills in 10-30 range…?
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I don’t know if I should feel offended or blessed about this

One of the following:

  • Use blasts until you land a hit, then immediately use a beam with something that synergizes. (I.E Land ash blast and follow up with magma beam, or crystal blast into crystal beam etc)
  • Use Blast and Beam one after the other by taking advantage of the fact both spell have some very short cooldowns, allowing you to output some pretty insane pressure and DPS if your aim’s consistent.
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Eh… close enough

you heard me right

Doesn’t constantly miss snares, only uses it when it’s an obvious hit
60% of the time I miss

Definitely has more than 400 player kills

Is probably, surprisingly, among the most chill players in the server.
I think I’m chill enough

Most likely to swap to conjuror after getting folded enough times
I’m still a mage

Spams ULT art as if their life depends on it(sort of does)


why is this so accurate LOL

fuck did i do to you bro

this is me

honourable mentionsz:


The only instance where using iron leg is forgivable
Doesn’t have more than 2,000 HP or does have a ton of HP but doesn’t use iron leg
Plays berserker how it’s “supposed to be played”
Will probably make you want to make a berserker file(ThatOneGuy, BreakerOfOath)
Doesn’t use intensity
Probably woke up in a buggati


You are basic.
100% chose this cuz “I’m not a metamancer”(fun fact, basic warlord is just iron leg warlord but faster and slightly smaller)
Is actually not that bad at the game
Probably doesn’t main basic warlord either(sometimes it’s easy to tell)


Only like 3 exist
Each of them will turn you into the little girl in that machine
srsly tho… if a brotha using boxing warlord pulls up on you… just reset…

either your a bad mage or your a good mage

oh my GAH bruh oh HELL nah what the fup man(oin dai di desu) gech yo ahh on bai here(OI SHIET)

I am good mage
I do it for the drip appearance
(yes I know about the 30% damage decrease)

i met a water fire mage once
i blinked once and i was dead