AO Combos

Keeping it brief, think up of combinations of magics/weapons/styles while considering awakening benefits.
Can be anything really, even things that aren’t out or confirmed (such as lost spells that may or may not be added).
Flare infused arcanium blunderbuss for multiple stacks of DOT
Zones + synergy magic (assuming zones inflict status or can maintain it: Water zone + lightning attacks)

Edit -
It can also be mono magics with buff stacking:
Light mode (attack speed) + attack speed accessories + a blast ultimate with 20 blasts

Earth magic max size ultimate art Meteor spell

Fire zone spell + ash magic, or water zone + ice magic (eternal petrification/frozen)

Flar- infused rushdown, easy dot stack


iron magic infused iron leg
one shot anyone who isnt a pure warden

gravity zone spell

life zone spell

water infused rushdown + ice freeze proc tech is REAL! :scream: :smirk_cat: :fist_right: :dizzy_face: :water_magic_var2: :ice_magic_var1:

Explosion infused cannon fist = grenade fist

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Light infused cannon fist=flashbang fist

Light + thermofist warlock = zooooooom

:), you know whats going to happen
ok not max magic size but this is pretty much what i want my ult to be

sunken sword, sunken trident, sunken greathammer, sunken armor, sailor fist, water magic, 80 strength, 80 magic, 80 weapon

its crystal warlock time (crystallized span with shot and rushdown)

The forbidden grab that sends you out of the war seas, I guess

ehehe wind infused boxing
and full forceful gear if you really feel like doing terrible things with knockback

you could swap ash for explosion instead for the extra magic size it gives as explosion as gives charred.

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