AO fandom WIKI (mb not forum) sucks ngl

I am defending myself. What proof do you want me to provide? Empty discord messages that do not say I tried to dox someone? The proof to defend myself is inexistent because there isn’t even proof to counter in the first place.

okay then I don’t know which side to believe anymore plain and simple

also trust me bro nobody knows who u are so there’s like no need to go schizo and spam “THE ALLEGATIONS ARE FALSE!!!” :robot:

Somebody tryna beat the allegations I see…
Turn them into rb1


out of spite I might just believe the allegations anyways :grin:

(I don’t even know what they’re over)

:fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Skill issue, go back to your ad filled corporate distopia site that sets Albanian computers ablaze if you dont like it

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You can get rid of all of the ads by registering, argument invalid

:yawning_face: sorry I just woke up to 39 replies and im hella confused :skull:

some guy is trying to clear up some old drama scraps or something idk

he might be trying to get a job or something and they’re doing a background check

imagine they find this thread and see everyone instantly assuming bro is guilty (hes not getting that job)

imagine failing a 400k salary job interview because you allegedly doxxed someone

I literally play roblox I’m not getting a job rn what

I edited the post to make it less offensive and less of a hot topic. Sorry if I came off as rude in this post either. Thanks


blah blah blah random doxxing ragebait hur dur

You should always call it the fandom wiki because saying the fandom sucks means something entirely different :+1: