AO Fangame Ideas

Personally, I’d like to see like a tower defense game using the characters from Arcane Odyssey and maybe even AA or WoM too.

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I had that idea long ago too.

ao but you operate a cruise liner

the entirety of the arcane abyss sea AU

ao but you’re a villager and you get mc go through your a lot as village as well

Arcane horde shooter/survival game would go crazy lol.

That would be awesome

-Arcane odyssey AU that takes place in the far future instead of in the 1800’s. A world where curses are researched by giant megacorporations and cyborgs are commonplace. atlanteans and the dark sea don’t really exist as much anymore, though magic imbued cyberspace seems to make up for their absence…

-Arcane odyssey restaurant/tavern management game, different base magics assist your tavern in various ways.

Acid allows you to create special dish types and drinks with extra value
wood grants reduced resource costs for expanding
Poison grants pest control and allows for the creation of antivenoms and antidotes without the need of progressing as far to unlock it
fire grants fuel cost reduction, boosts quality of food overall. Plasma does the exact same.
Lightning speeds up the cooking time of dishes and can create a few special new dish types, not as many as acid can though.
metal grants better protection against pirate raids, and raises the player’s own defense a little.
magma also grants fuel cost reduction, gives the player’s tavern constant heating throughout winter seasons
snow and ice both grant refrigeration cost reductions and allow players to store and control their fish or meat products easier, while also creating new dish types such as snow cones and smoothies.

just to name a few magics

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I don’t think ao will go that far with curses still existing

actually, with the magic gene dying out, it could totally happen.

just treat curses like SCPs hidden away from the public eye and you’re good.

(perhaps some shady freak accident could somehow reawaken the magic gene in humanity, a story in a world of tomorrow…)

we do not need any of this, this feels like a way to content dump with zero consideration



it’s just people talking about fan ideas.

that’s what I mean

what’s… wrong with people making up fun concepts that probably won’t exist?

When did I say that?


Arcane Adventures: The War Phoenix

You just play as Theos alongside his story up until dawn island with already set abilities, that’s it.

Or an Abyss Sea fangame zombie (atlantean) survival wave game with Ravenna as a map, with a twist that you’ll get to play as The Exiled, King David, or The Minotaur. (Or just remove the wom twist and have the option to play as Calvus, Elius, Argos, etc.)

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2D Fighter featuring the cast of AA & AO (WoM characters are DLC)

Ice Smuggler bandit beater with Online Fighting graphics.

A turn based game with different classes as your “heroes” or “champions”

I actually wrote down some ideas for levels and enemies before