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shark buddies

imagine being able to befriend certain sea sharks to become your “underwater bodyguard” or friend who will accompany you in the warseas.

they work like recruitable deckhands that you can obtain with fame, with these sharks however, you just need to feed them via holding a dish out in your hands while swimming. They spawn anywhere in the warseas, and they won’t attack you unless you provoke them. You know when you encounter a special shark when you see a hunger satisfaction meter appear.



The sharks also follow similar rarities to deckhands.

examples could be:

adept deckhand → brave shark

elite deckhand → brute shark

master deckhand → emperor shark

the dishes need a certain hunger threshold to tame a shark, smaller sharks are easier to tame whereas larger sharks need larger hunger meals.

when a shark is tamed, it will follow your boat. You can see the top fin sticking out the water as it swims by your side.

the shark has HP, and when knocked out, will not respawn until the ship is repaired again, or after a certain amount of time when it swims back

you can feed the shark more food similar to leveling up a deckhand to increase your sharks damage.

the shark attacks enemies in water, as well as attacks other sea monsters, or notifies you of them when it swims away from your boat and starts circling around a certain area.

eat this great white, Giant kitefin, basking, and Golden tiger shark meal

Yes yes cannibalism

Fear. It is what holds us back, the fear to do.

If we were without fear, we would be almost unstoppable. We would be able to face death in the face, to protect anyone we love without FEAR. If we could remove fear from ourselves, just how much more powerful would we become?

I will admit fear is also what tells us what is and is not dangerous, but when you take a moment and look around… everything is and can be fearsome.

Your neighbor. Your dog. You mother, even a car can be fearsome. What is it that gives us humans this irrational fear?

It is the fear of death. The fear of death wields us… instead of us wielding it! If we were to WIELD fear, we could overcome it… use it to our advantage! The fear leads to uncertainty and uncertainty will lead to DEATH! Without fear, would one consider us to be immortal?

Fear is what holds us back. Let go of fear.

The fear of peeing in the public urinals while a stranger is peeing in the urinal next to me

Sir this is a wendy’s

Reminds me of this for some reason, I think it’s the idea of feeding sharks to sharks

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gah damn, y’all ruthless

this sounds like something I would do if i was as sadistic

Literally worldbox

I don’t wanna be that guy but aren’t you on a hiatus? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

theyre semi active now or smth


Does anyone still keep this in check? I wanna see this more active sometime.

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It kinda died. You can make a post if you want and I’ll add it to the board, though.

potions ideas might be a good idea to revive this

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just thought of a lost fighting style equivalent to healing magic

healing hand: a fighting style that utilises gentle and precise motions similar to massages to alleviate pain and cure wounds

evolves into the holy hand ancient fighting style, which is basically just this but stronger, like life magic, but it can also give some warding to protect against insanity

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sounds awfully suspicious of a name

massages were the first thing i thought when i tried to think of realistic punch healing, i guess i could’ve done pressure points but that’s knocking fist’s thing