AO Magics synergies

So would a file with these magics be decent as a helper and team player?


Water (any color)
ice(any color)
snow (any color)

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What’s the difference?


Oh I thought you were asking if the file would be good as one or the other.

well 1 sec

The frozen effect is actually pretty counter productive for a lot of magics (any that don’t shatter) and overall all of the heat based magics (which I feel will be pretty common selections in new players) are all pretty much just nerfed by having somebody with this build follow them.

what about steam? Ice doesn’t need to be used.

If you have a person with lightning on your team then it could be helpful.

This can freeze people so that’s good for buying time.

This can blind people (I think) so that’s also good for buying time.

It’s literal healing so that is very helpful.

Assuming that it will give freezing then yes, it would be helpful.

So I think this would be helpful but I could be wrong.

Wave magic + life magic as mage is probably a good support combo. Heal teammates and drain energy from people.

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:crystal_magic_var3: :light_magic_var2:

genuinely good synergy

To support a fire user you could be plasma or poison, which give 25% and 15% bonuses respectively

wave magic sounds nice. replace frostmetal with wave.

using wave I could drain energy and using life heal party members. so my attacks won’t debuff the other players

I believe the steam effect (at least now) only happens when a heat based magic touches water like the floating ice. It is not a synergy with the soaked effect.
this is what I took from the patch note.

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Yeah I’m going Crystal Metal light on my first file

hmmmm. so wave would be better so as to not freeze or soak the enemy

Wave is a lost magic though so would you be replacing frostmetal?

yes. I’ll think on it.

Is it better to not pain the party or deal more damage? a lot of magics also benefit from frozen including wind, lightning, and heavy hitting attacks.

It includes ice so I think its good