AO Potion Taste Discussion

What do you think? how do you think each of the 32 potions taste like? considering the game descriptions do not tell anything about how a potion smells or tastes, we can only use our imagination to interprate it ourselves.

At this point i had no clue what to post for today :fr:

Go wild, i guess.

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Harming potion’s taste would have been so bad that i lose an arm to it

Radithor :frhigh:

mystery potions taste like blueberry slushie

Water breathing - Water
Harming - Grape juice
Bleeding - Blood, iron taste
Healing - Lime, Green apple Sour
Power - Orange crush
Revealing - mixed slushie
Love - Strawberry/bubble gum drink
Warding - Banana smoothie
Insanity - :broken_heart:
Invisibility - mysterious Gatorade
Ironskin - Thick, blood-iron taste
Coal - tasteless
tide - Sea salt
Melting - Fanta
Freezing - Drinking water after spitting out gum
Gale - Dry wind
Smoke - Heated up throat, burning sensation
Electric - Gatorade (Blue)
Blinding - Nothing
Poison - Grape-juice
Shark-repel - Water
Scorching - Orange-crush and fanta with orange tic tacs
Desert - banana shake
Arctic - drinking water after spitting out 5 pieces of gum
Clearsight - cotton-candy taste
Energy-recharge - Tiktok energy drinks
Luck - Green apple sour taste
Slowing - oobleck with rocks
Agility - Water
Interchange - what Ghostly said

Anything in the dark seas will taste negative flavors


high level melting potions probably taste like pure sulfur since they’re made from tartarus tears

nah it’s mcdonalds sprite


The real question is which one tastes like weed?


damn, didn’t expect a whole list here, cool.

I think each potion would taste a bit like their reagents, example: water breathing would taste like seaweed liquid or some shit like that

mystery potions taste like marshmallows there’s no other option

Diluted Marmite.

Me personally any of the heat related potions are hot sauces at different heat levels

depending on the cataylst, the taste/texture also changes. You might also get some other side affects…

Clam - Salty aftertaste.
Sand Dollar - The potion texture changes to become like sand.
Porceletta - The potion tastes like if you poured the potion on a fish and then drank the potion. You get the effects of sea sickness as well.
Conch - It doesn’t add anything.
Giant Clam - Really salty aftertaste.
Blue Clam - The potion tastes watered down.
Scallop - Adds a small pinch of raw scallop. However, if combined with either a T1-4 burning/smoking regent the taste of the potion changes completely to a cooked scallop. T5 regents however change the taste to a burned scallop.
Pearl - It doesn’t change the taste, however the texture changes to slimely.
Colossal Clam - Think of the taste of the potion you’re drinking. Now add 100 kg of salt. This causes the potion to taste like a lethal dosage of salt.
Golden Pearl - It makes the potion sweeter. Also cures common colds, the flu, and other small illnesses! Side affects may include, instant death, loss of both arms, temporary brain damage, permanent brain damage, and gayness. Please check with your doctor if you feel like murdering a man on the street after drinking.
Pinecone - The potion changes to have a bark-like texture.
Sky Pinecone - Nothing changes, but you swear the potion is moving inside your stomach. That’s just you though, I promise.
Star Coral - The taste changes to coral, though I think it makes me- I mean you really crave starfish.
Sunken Element - Doesn’t change the taste but the potion bursts when you pop open the potion.
Island Cloud Extract - Cotton. The potion contents become Cotton.
Dark Sea Essentia - Seawater aftertaste. That’s it. What were you expecting? Side effects include instant death and organ failure. Do not drink.
Jellyfish Flesh - The potion becomes really sticky and sludge-like jelly.
Whale Blubber - Eat your hair gel and then you have your answer.



Considering the Essentia is from the deepest parts of the dark sea, it kinda makes sense to have so much magic pollution that it gradually kills your body, starting with your liver.

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I drink pool water give it to me :water_magic_var1: :wine_glass: :moyai:

AND gayness???

Nah the insanity would taste like:

invisibility tastes like a jug of milk

that’s what ironskin could taste like, since calcium makes your bones stronger :bone: