AO quiz or smth lol (part 1 ig?)

  1. What is the name of the Boxing mentor NPC and their previous occupation?

  2. How many years did Edward Kenton serve in the Grand Navy?

  3. Who is the NPC who gifts you the “Gift of Monoah” accessory reward for his quest?

  4. What is the name of the bounty hunter NPC at sailors lodge and his sword’s name?

  5. What is the underwater secret at whispering caverns?

  6. Where did Morden obtain a journal?

  7. How many gunpowder barrel spawns are there on Sandfall isle?

  8. Who is Arish Vista’s mother?

  9. What are the obtainable exclusive drops from the Wolf bandits at Wind-row island?

  10. What is the name of the skeleton corpse at Northern Jaw’s secret?

  11. Who is the NPC that gave you the quest to deliver a piece of cloth to Enisor?

  12. Who is the NPC you talked to during the kidnapping of Mayor Tilly in Tiberia?

  13. What magic does one of the hooded figures at sky cliff island use?

  14. What is the name of the NPC that gives you the cooking quest at Cirrus island?

  15. Who is the NPC at tiberia that gives you the giant fishing quest?

  16. How many fishing quests are there in total in the Bronze Sea? (name them)

  17. How many bananas does the banana shop quest NPC at Palo town ask you for?

  18. Which island do you obtain limes (the fruit) from?

  19. How many chest spawns are there on Elm island?

  20. Is Mimhere island real?

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Souvella, previously in the grand navy iirc

Underwater storage room

Fairly certain it’s just three

Faustus Bronze

Water magic

Daisy cirro iirc

  • Learning to fish
  • Helping the deserter
  • Frostmill fishing
  • Anglerfishing
  • The pond fishing quest in Ravenna
  • The treasure fishing quest in Tiberia
  • Giant fish quest in Tiberia
    Seven total I think


Dawn island

I think there are five

I only answered the ones I knew or thought I knew the answers to

Gonna try without launching the game:

  1. Don’t know, but they were a grand navy member

  2. Kenton served 7 years into his 15 year required service, it’s why he is a deserter

  3. Don’t know but the quest is to cook 5 items

  4. Crap not doing too good

  5. A storage room

  6. Palo Town

  7. 3 in a back cave

  8. The npc standing up the path from him, the woman, you can tell cause they share the last name… I am not doing very good at this

  9. Wolf Bandit boots, clothes, wolf head and cloak

  10. Don’t remember

  11. Oof

  12. Oof

  13. Poison (I thought they randomized?)

  14. Okay all these npc name ones are a little ridiculous

  15. … Should named this Ao NPC quiz

  16. Redwake, Frostmill, Palo Town, Sailors Lodge, Ravenna, Tiberia

  17. 7

  18. Dawn Island

  19. Beach chests don’t count towards islands chest so there are two in Edwards hut, two elsewhere.

  20. Can’t say, sworn to secrecy.

lets gooo time to answer these questions with my dementia

souvenir or something
uhhh they killed people


some child i forgor who

who tf is this

a storage room prob


at least 3

some person who is proud to have the first mage son in 1 billion years

the wolf cloak thing

a pirate captain :+1:

the one standing in the middle of 2 houses, the name has 2 words

broooo how are we supposed to memorize the names of every npc in the game :sob:


I Hate This Quiz

the chef

theres the rewake fishing one
then theres uhhh the uhh frostmill yes
then the anglerfishing one
then the freshwater one
the item catching one
and the big fish one those are all the ones ive done so if theres more then ur lying

10 or 7 or 8 idk

ive never gotten a lime :frowning:

around 5

yes (i found it)

oh yea edward kenton doesnt count because i never got him as a quarter master until i maxed

u r skill issue


Souvella, but her friends (me) call her Sou

Not sure tbh, my guess is like 10-14



A bunch of chests? I’ve only been there once

Palo town

? 7?


The mountaineer set, which give intensity

I forgot

I forgot

I forgot


Ellie? I forgot


  • Catch Fish at Redwake
  • Catch fish at Frostmill
  • Catch Fish for Edward Kenton
  • Catch Anglerfish at Sailor’s lodge
  • Catch Giant fish in Ravenna
  • Catch an item from fishing



Idk, 7?


  1. souvella, grand navy commodore
  2. seven years
  3. his name is a fucking puzzle i forgor :skull:
  4. ozen, never learned about his sword’s name but ik its socketed with some sort of blue gem
  5. storage or something underwater in the mineshaft
  6. journal obtained at palo town
  7. rough guess is probably 5
  8. i forgor :skull:
  9. wolf pelt, wolf hood, wolf shirt
  10. hartell? i mightve forgor :skull:
  11. i forgor :skull:
  12. artorious or something idk
  13. water, abyss variant iirc
  14. i forgor :skull: (it was the one at the picnic)
  15. i forgor :skull:
  16. redwake (learning to cook), elm island (the deserter), frostmill island (i forgor :skull:), sailor’s lodge (anglerfish), rubica, ravenna (fishing at the shining plains), tiberia, ravenna (catching a giant fish), tiberia, ravenna (i forgor :skull:, involved fishing items at least)
  17. seven bananas
  18. idk, munera garden?
  19. rough estimate at 7


Uhh… I choose all of the above :nod:

souvella, grand navy

either 7, 8, or 15

food quest person

waterlogged storage

treasure chest

mrs. vista

hood, cape, torso

captain h, it started with an h

bob or smth, might be thinking of the book quest

water, forgor the variation, might be abyss

redwake, edward, anglerfish, giant fish, treasure fish, frostmill


not limestone key

tree, edward hut, outside edward hut, where the bridge leads, under dock, beach, rocks, beach again i think


  1. What is the underwater secret at whispering caverns?
    A storage room that Ravenna left behind (As stated by a note)

  2. Where did Morden obtain a journal?
    Palo Town

  3. How many gunpowder barrel spawns are there on Sandfall isle?
    Four. Final answer. All other answers are wrong.

  4. Which island do you obtain limes (the fruit) from?
    Dawn Island

  5. Is Mimhere island real?
    Yes. At one point, someone on the Most Famous leaderboard was last seen there

That’s all I know :nod:

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