AO Shower Thoughts

Share some simple, but understandable small thoughts you’ve had.

IRL, we’re all either Berserkers, Warriors, or pre-spirit weapons Hybrids.


If the sea was irradiated with spirit energy, would the dark sea be better or worse?


What if Prometheus wasn’t a big dummy and let Arthur get strong enough to force him to make curses…
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mayor tilly could’ve easily escaped from the hungry tiberians

do what ifs count as shower thoughts

can i snort thunder crystals

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How tf Morden travelled the seas with two rowboats? (the one you get at the beginning and the one is keeps, implied that he transported Tucker’s body and the mc on one of them)



How is it that we are able to take on Calvus and win but get one-shotted by Julian?

Because Julian is a curse user

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Why are there giant lemons, but no giant limes :thinking:


Because Carina weakened the MC and convinced them to do something stupid (run straight to Ravenna Castello while injured)


Not true, many of us are probably still at level 1.


calvus is a savant who spread his points out so far he was the equivilant of a lvl ~100ish pure build


what if prometheus actually used his ability of foresight to see that giving humans power would fuck him up

Prometheus’s foresight evidently didn’t tell him he’d be having his liver eaten daily in the actual mythology, sooo…

He never foresaw the part giant homeless man beating him up, and being unintentionally responsible for 3 more homeless giga prodigies in the future (Theos, Peacekeeper, AO MC).

if we go off ship level caps, wouldnt that mean the MC made at least roughly 24 thousand galleons by the time they were level 125?

additionally, where do we put our old ships when we buy new ones?

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It was good enough for him to foresee betraying the titans was logical, not sure why it completely slipped him in the obvious case where making humans be able to reach the power of Gods would result in struggle between the 2

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But tbf this brings another situation where the Arcane Timeline makes 0 sense

If Prometheus gave humans magic instead of fire, how would this occur when Magic is said to be given in our world’s 100 AD? If civilizations existed during the W.A, it makes no sense for them to have never achieved fire.

  • Prometheus wasn’t punished for giving humans magic? or fire? plothole ig

And this makes EVEN LESS sense when the existence of both Athens and the Roman empire are confirmed. :skull: