AO update question

what would you like to see in the closest updates?
  • warden and spirit weapons
  • story continuation
  • dark sea expansion
  • more rare weapons, spell scrolls and stuff
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vote guys

Why did you make it so that we can choose all the options?

what if someone wants all added?

we should make it as equal as possible


Now it’s equal. But yeah, I do want everything.

perfectly balanced, as all things should be

i think we should take a break from story for an update or two, and instead let vetex focus on important features
spirit weapons should be a priority, at least get the eagle patrimony finished

After Empires we know we’re getting a story update then I assume vetex will work on full release with more spirit weapons stuff and the side content planned.

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Replayable world content

Where is the Jureserva option?

Personally I want the story since we also get level cap raise

i just want level cap 150 then i’m happy