AO war seas theme? (Draft) Flexing on LawnReality

i dont got artist role so i gotta post the shit here.
tell me what i hafta fix

yo pls gimme artist role :frowning:


This is like a remixed pirates of the Caribbean theme. I like it.

I can already feel the Pirates of the Caribbean theme in this, love it

suppose to sound like lawnreality’s AO theme on rum

me like

Sounds tense. Pretty good

give me black flag vibe with Edward shouting FIRE! with his superfast reload crew


This NEEDS to get put into the game

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Really nice, I imagine a combat theme like this playing if you get hit in the ocean. (wonder how vetex could code that.)

vetex already has this in WOM when MC spawn you get battle music

I mean like, If you get hit by something (player, npc. shark?) and you’re in a area considered ocean, it triggers

It might take a change or two as to how music triggers, but I’d say it’s more than worth it

Also, you could suggest this track for the game, heres a quote from Meta himself on my music category suggestion
#suggestions isn’t just limited to feature and change requests; it can include other requests for the game as well. Though maybe there could be a music request tag.”

(This is in response to: ““Music Suggestions”, where people would compose and suggest music to be put in the game.”)

I highly recommend suggesting it. would love to see it in game
(Btw, I also recommend publishing the music to roblox first. to make sure if it gets accepted it doesn’t end up not being allowed.)

im still working on it but ill publish it when i add in the choir so it sounds more amplified.


Man this epic! :point_right: :heart: :point_left:

What DAW do you use?

Also would not mind knowing what plugin/instrument you used. The string sound sounds amazing and I would love to use it for a song I want to re=orchestrate.

Does everyone know how to make music nowadays?

Short answer yes, long answer No.

In today’s world it’s not hard to compose music because there are a lot of chord packs that people can purchase or find free. Not to mention the wealth of free music softwares like DAWs. Anyone can put something together and it sounds decent if they have a good ear and idea in mind. There is a point where you will need some kind of background in music, music theory, and even play an instrument.

Digital music compostion is a discipline and still requires someone to be versed in music, or a general knowlege of it.

This is just my opinion of course, but I think anyone can make music, but getting good at it is definitely a big learning curve, just like any skill or sport. :+1:


It generally depends on what kind of music you want to make. You don’t need to know music theory at all to make music.

I know music theory tho. You can ofc make a song without knowing theory but it will turn out shitty. Knowing music theory makes it a lot easier to navigate the DAW. It looks like a space shuttle cockpit at first, but you just gotta play around with it.

This is not necessarily true. A lot of indie artists and billboard artists don’t know shit about music theory. All you need is passion, patience and dedication, because really all it takes to make music is to put together what you think sounds good. It’s just that if you know music theory it won’t take you as long to put together what you want.

This is also untrue, music theory does not help you to navigate DAWs. To navigate a DAW you have to experiment and play around with it. Knowing what each button means helps a little, but that can be easily googled.

Music theory is a set of theories and suggestions, if you will, for music making. You have to remember that the music theory that we know as Westerners is derived from the 12 tone system developed by the earliest Baroque Century musicians. However, as we’ve evolved as humans, we’ve come to understand that there is not one modal way to create “music.” Therefore, to make music, you play what you think is good. Think of music theory as merely a catalyst of sorts. Like you can explore an area by yourself no sweat, but being able to read a map would help you a little bit. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the map yourself.

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