AO's PvP Problems (And How to Resolve Them)

You have absolutely no excuse.

Not even a little bit. I spent so much time getting my ass whooped in WoM, and then some more in AO. I remember I would be so frustrated, because I normally play on 10 FPS in WoM and 15+ in AO.

Eventually I got access to a better computer and now it’s 30, but I lost so many fights, over and over. Also, your complaining about spending too much time grinding for good items? FUCK THAT. You don’t actually think you need good items to PRACTICE, do you?

Ever heard of no item 1v1s?

the internet

I’ve been to like 4 of them. They actually aren’t that bad, except for when they start speaking in tongues. That stuff creeps me out.

It’s really weird unless you’ve been going there a while
They have the best parties tho, puff puff is so good

Oh, you know puff puff? I used to eat it all the time when I was like 5, but then we moved and I forgot what it taste like ;-;

You are.

Why should jail times exist in any form for players when it could literally just be a fade to black?

The experience of sitting around and doing nothing for 10 minutes sure does add to the experience, I love being essentially temp banned for 10 minutes every time I die.
Minigames would not help, if I wanted to play minigames like that I’d go to a different game.



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I absolutely agree with you my guy, but know that you’re gonna get hammered because this entire forum is obsessed with PVP.

key im nigerian of course i know what it is

I just said I don’t really know whether it’s good or bad because I don’t have much of a stake in the whole thing. Can you just NOT assume that I’m complaining that your favorite part of this game is bad because I am? Why is it that the first little thing I say here, which has nothing to do with “pvp sucks because I sucks”, requires you to go off on me? And yes, thank you agains for bringing up itemless 1v1s, but at the same time, random bounty hunters aren’t gonna play by any rules. I gotta stay prepared for that part of the game in which I have no choice in participating in if I want to actually play.

ok, I’m sorry. I was in the wrong, and I misinterpreted your statement.

Hence why GTA does not make you sit through jail every time the cops try and cap you on sight before arresting you lol.

It’s fine, and I get needing to put time into something to get better at it. I respect that you have put in so much effort to improving yourself at this game.