Apocalypse Bringer Poem

Deep in a cave you uncover a scroll
Scouting around you discover no soul
Awaiting in the center is an ancient prize
It seems so many have met their demise
Bones scatter the cave, evidence of battle
Marching on inevitably makes them rattle
Taking the script you digest it’s contents
You follow it’s process then become tense
An sensation sweeps you off your feet
This arcane rush, this high, it cannot be beat
Before the peak you are pulled back down
Once relieved now you begin to drown

Around you pressure around begins to amplify
You can’t catch breath, you’re going to die
Static and cold you begin to panic
This sensation you feel is titanic
Consuming your mind
It leaves nothing behind
Destroying your spirit
It takes you to your limit
All you feel is it’s intensity
All you register is insanity
Your bones begin to twist
There is no trying to resist
This suffering is an absolute
You ate the forbidden fruit
Grasping at a power you cannot wield
You wept, you yelled, you squealed
This power you tried to control
This magic bound to a scroll
It was the fire that burns lands
The calamity that expands
It’s the driving force of destruction
And all you got was the introduction
Wildfires, meteors, earthquakes, tornados
Tsunamis, plagues, hurricanes, volcanos
All of this was contained in your fingertips
However, no mortal can wield an apocalypse


longest apocalypse bringer poem, didn’t proof read this or anything since I’m tired af so I hope it’s not shit :frpensive:

snekly snekk

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Can’t wait for the eventual art of those sneks :nod: :poggers2:
in like 2 years
no rush buddy :smiley:

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hey now i’ll get to it . . . eventually

An Ap.Bringer comics?

prob not full comic, but maybe some visuals for the lore

Its seems like some people have the same thoughts

Tho it better to leave such things for a professionals

elementals comic when :fr:

just a sitcom where all the elements live together, get into all kinds of hijinks, and somehow are still able to pay rent to lord Femtex to stay in AO.

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when money