Apollo worse pvpers (they need to gank at munera to win)

now as a important note, i spent most of my AO time farming for the event, so my skill, my skill is guted, ya i might have massive skill issue till i manage to pvp some more and get my skill back, im aware of that.

so, i agreed to 1v1 the guy in the first video, i helped someone to fight a apollo guy (that he also sucked) and he was getting ganked, so i came, the server was extremely laggy and even then, i think i did decent.

ya i got ganked, that actually got me by surprise, my only knowledge with that guy, was that he was ganking one of my friends, but i didnt expect that.

so i was at silverhold with my friend, and they came to attack me, i think i did decent (also ignore the pauses, i have to put the pause key on a better keybind)

they ended up runing and leaving the server, i did get 3 kills


btw to add, these people usually suck if they dont airstall, so i hoped they will come inside silverhold to attack me

Of course they do.

Never again.

ya, i used not to be a big fan, but then i fought some people that rlly abused that, and now im glad that exists

the guy that used to target me had to run 3 times before he could kill me bc he couldnt airstall inside silverhold, now i have to admit that he had a lot more PvP experience than me, but still, that was a good idea to do when i fight against airstallers,


I totally didn’t spend nearly 10 minutes to find out/remember my response to the changes

My initial reaction towards the changes was that it might be harder to get out of the Sea and Climb Othrys. Otherwise i was rather fine w/ it and i think i was paying more attention to the love and agility potion changes.

But yeah, fighting ppl that abuse the heck out of Airstall is incredibly annoying. Some 600k Fame player who very much wasn’t inconspicuous sent one of us that was afk to be executed. Then they tried to attack me - and failed - when i was presumably still swapping from Warrior to Knight but had done it already.

Chased them around for a good hour almost w/ the 4 of us and they just kept airstalling away, and us 4 sometimes getting a good few shots at em.

at this point the reason why im so low on fame is bc of that insane airstall, im ganked by them and i cant do anything bc not even my musket can reach them, or some hungry renown guy keeps killing me.

i was helping someone to level up, and 2 people decided to leave the party to attack my friend (im totally not attacking them when the mobility nerf comes), now one of them left and it was swagg friend on a syndicate file, ofc he uses thermo/boxing, and ik that swagg cannot attack me if i dont attack him, so i attacked his friend, guess what, he keep running, and only won when i didnt realize he was spamming abilities, after that when i come back, he realize he cannot win and runs away and then leaves, he was 1 hit away and this took place at redwake

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Indeed! We’ll definitely always be 100% fixated on the Dark Seas, and totally not come back as a raging storm towards them!

Nothing of the sort, just Dark Sea grind and vibing with our gan- i mean group of friends!

to be fair that guy didn’t rlly know that it was my friend, despite what he did being scummy, but the other guy alongside with his friend swagg did attack people that 1v1 at munera, so ya, better not find him on that syndicate file

Black America hates you.

As a warlord, thank god

I will be actually able to fight like 70% of the classes

thermo warlord and a sailor lightning ganging up on a warrior is actually crazy :skull:

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what crazy is that despite that, when it was a 2v3 some of them still died and then they ran

Even heard one of them say “your as at pvp”
watched the video, they did even more horrible and the constant air-stall they did was tremendous

even crazier is that they thought you were usings pots,

(Losing a 2v3 at sliverhold while thinking the main enemy aka you uses potions is actually pretty dawg sad, to me it implies that they were apparently getting dunked on because you here was using “potions and hels” when that was the other person, thus meaning they were losing against somebody who wasn’t or never was using pots or hels and was pretty much a “1v3” at sliverhold.)

I love AO players :broken_heart:
gankers and teamers either got the most meta builds, luck, etc and blast their god-like ego towards others, like 70% of the fights I’ve witnessed here :broken_heart:|

holy shit though
where did 5v come from :sob:

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that was my friend, his pc sucks so he doesnt pvp, he pves a lot more, he was more forced to fight

idk, i was too busy not dying to even notice they were using slowness

honestly, too me I’d be thinking it’s stilla 1v3/ potion accusation if its just a pve player that was forced to fight
successful 1v3…

Crazy :sob:

anyways i fought julian, i think i did beter there

They even invited the glass curse user to fight you DWDAG
Bro just too good…

i was talking about juliannthebestttt, i fought him today, i fought on a alt of his, and he said to follow him on a EU server, he also said that he is julian, the guy that almost at 3M bounty