Apparently, dream is going to do a face reveal

His life his choices /shrug

I mean then again most of his identity is that big white fuckin gaylord mask he wears
If he took it off it’d be weird
like if you walked up to someone and surgically cut off the skin on your face

Ratio depends on the Youtuber, but the average amount of money earned is usually 1 cent per 1000 views

what if the music video was accurate and he does look like redditor ben 10

i mean i’d be disappointed but at least it’d make sense

Maybe that was what the point of the mask was

Oh god. The internet is going to explode.

like he takes off the mask and the music video wasn’t just an artstyle and he actually looked like a cgi monstrosity

This isnt the point of the mask is


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sandal does not approve.

Uh oh

cant wait to see dream die to 5 bozos in minecraft suits

Watch him being forced to relocate to another country/state just because his fan stans finding him just with picture of tree out in window


oh the poor, stupid fucker, the internet is going to tear him apart

well i really couldn’t give less of a fuck about dream so if he wants to go to sleep one day then wake up in a sex torture dungeon, that is up to him :person_shrugging:

You would not believe how little I care

AYO WHAT- :skull:

“my next upload” *abandons his channel