Apparently I have an eye condition 😭

So there’s this eye condition called Astigmatism that’s quite common, but I just thought everyone saw slight lines in traffic lights at night. Apparently, most people do not see lines and just see the image on the right. Do any of you see lines or no??


yeah i have that too, its really common

don’t think i have it, but my vision isn’t the best, and i think my mom has it, so i probably could get it

My vision sucks lol
(I can barely read a post from 3 feet away without my glasses on :skull:)

Huh, I guess I have it.

no idea if I have it.

Pretty sure I have it, ever since I was little I saw the lines and even squinted my eyes to control it’s length

Astigmatism from Undertale


Yeah, I got that too.

fr fr

Do you have with-the-rule or against the rule astigmatism

My vision is to randomized
It can be good and it can be bad

don’t think i have it, my eyesight is pretty spot on.

I won’t even try to defend my vision lol

if i have nickle for everytime i discover that i have an eye condition on a magic lego game forum

i have one nickle

but hey, it looks pretty pretty and im pretty sure it doesnt effect my eyes in any negative way… right ?

edit: as i said, very pretty

I think I may have it, but I also think I have glasses that counteract it which is why I didn’t know for sure.

Considering that image, I probably have it

Although, I can manipulate how large those lines appear pretty well

damn i also have it :pensive:

forum’s reunion on all having the same eye condition (this includes me)

my brother has it, it’s not too bad since glasses fix it