AR halloween event


Also nestor drops one candy which is bullshit :\

Half my AR inv got wiped this morning

How though

:person_shrugging: when I joined this morning all my items were unequiped and half my items were wiped

Man that sucks i hope you get your items back

Also i think thats a bug that has been affecting some players

I dont have any proof

Aw man :pensive:

Most of it isn’t bad since I started playing recently, the 2 problematic items are my Theos Gaunntlet and my Aura of Darkness since they aren’t re obtainable, some of my sweets and Weapons got wiped too but at least I can re obtain those

Wait cant you ask for a restore for gauntlet of the rising phoenix since every player that did the storyline should have one?

Trying to do that indeed

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Also same for Aura of Darkness since because I can’t but it again it’s proof I had it

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Get ready to run 100 dungeons for an sns reskin :smiley:

Yea im kinda done with Arcane reborn,I also lost some items and im just sick of the game entirely rn lol.

Im getting the red band and a sphere

Lucky for you i got 2

Use an alt if you really want another

True, but for theos gauntlet …

Best advice is to wipe yourself

I’ll do it sure, can I give you my seaosonals tho so I still have them after, like that I can re obtain theos gauntler