AR is coming to WoM

  • Oh god, oh no. What’s next, Toad Clan? The Fire Nation?*

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Walter white


grammar fix.

i don’t get it. like I know that group, i’ve stabbed one of their members, but i don’t get it.

They are from AR

so they’re like an AR group?

AR guild

then everything train, when the fire nation attacked

TF is AR ?

pff yeah, what’re they gonna do? use impact fist? oh im so scared

someone do The Hidden Leaf Village

i like them already
they look friendly
smile members sounds like such a nice name

looks like shadow watch

for people who dont know what ar is its arcane reborn the best remake of arcane adventures right now, also god help us if more come that community is super toxic

Fire Nation is dead. Space’s account got terminated somehow (F’s in the chat), and even if they made it into wom, they merged their clan with the Arcane Empire