Arcane Academy AU : Neko, Cross, Tree

Another AU art, it look scuffed and unfinished cause i’m getting lazy half way making it.

Oc credit
Saikou (2 persons in the center, the left is younger version) :
Cross (most left person) :

@TheRealTree (i hope im pinging the right ones)
Tree (the most right person) :

Rn the au is pretty much artists + writers
I’m planning on adding a pvper next along with other people but the pvper i know is pretty much ex-syndicate, some suncry. so i will need a bigger lists.


It’s so confusing which tree is which lol, how many trees do we have?

yo tree’s eyes is very cool, dont mind if its scuffed still looks epic anyways

it’s the au people

When scuffed is better than what you put the most effort into

pog art pog art pog art pog art

tree lookin lowkey hawt tho ngl


lmfao what-

tis I

the superior tree

Another great work from tong. Looks better than everything I have made despite being scuffed haha.

huh what is ths

lmao same

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